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Daily rebate All orders you closed today, Exness system will calculate and pay the rebate into your trading account tomorrow. For Standard Cent, you should close the orders more than 0. Likerebateforex Member Area. Step 3 : Waiting for approval within 24 hrs. After approved, you can trade and get the rebate by Exness system. Live Chat Exness. The staff of Exness will send you a link for transfering IB.

Fill out the form : 1. Your trading account 2. Reason : Get rebate 3. If your account is under the other IB, you may have to wait 7 days. Activate Standard Plus. Open An Account. Exness Group was founded in Our beginning : The Exness Group was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in Currently Exness Group offers the ability to trade more than financial instruments, with some of the best-on-the-market order execution and record-tight spreads for the main currency pairs.

Issues concerning improving the quality of services offered at Exness Group are considered most seriously. Clients have access to high leverage, which considerably lowers margin requirements and allows trading strategies to be managed flexibly. The traders who work successfully with Exness Group strive for continuous improvement, search for new opportunities to realize their professional potential, and want to work on a single team with a recognized leader in the financial industry.

Partnership : Today Exness Group is the choice of every trader who demands high-quality services. Our quality is confirmed not only by the personal experience and opinion of the trader community, but also by the high expert ratings from major online publications, ratings agencies, and financial journals. Tight spreads, no commission on deposits and withdrawals, high-quality order execution, wide selection of instruments are the foundation of the best trading strategies.

We provide our clients with complete information about the services we offer. The way Exness works is simple, straightforward, and complies with legal requirements.

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Exness is a Forex broker that was founded by a group of finance and information technology experts in On October 28th, , the company announced the closure of its UK and Cyprus regulated retail operations. As such, information displayed on the respective domains dot-UK and dot-EU is no longer applicable, and new account openings are unavailable. The data provided contradicted itself and was flawed, countering the claims of transparency.

Exness was, prior to the closures, compliant with its regulators.

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The broker is now attempting to focus on white label solutions. The Seychelles regulated subsidiary, under the name Nymstar Limited, remains operational in the retail sector; it is currently accepting new accounts, and is accessible under the dot-com domain.

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Nymstar Limited is the trading name of the Exness Group, and the sole operation in the retail sector. Despite the closure of both entities to the retail sector, the regulators remain listed by Nymstar, creating a false sense of regulatory oversight by the more respected institutions. The broker does not provide relevant information or information to the contrary, but the segregation of funds is not guaranteed.

Of note, within the Client Agreement's fine print is a provision which states that deposits may be used by Exness to earn interest from third parties, and that it reserves the right to retain those earnings.

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That suggests that the trading environment may be simulated, even as Nymstar actively speculates on the deposits of a majority of clients many of whom operate at a loss. There are quite a number of red flags, and each trader needs to be absolutely certain that they are willing to accept the current conditions, and inherent risks as a result, under this broker. The Seychelles Financial Services Authority FSA is the sole regulator of Nymstar Limited, but the broker heralds a former regulatory environment which is no longer applicable.

It represents a red flag, and traders should be aware of it. This broker specifies that it may use client deposits to earn interest from third parties or other purposes, and that they reserve the right to keep the earnings. Given that, it suggests that the trading environment could be entirely simulated, another red flag. The fee structure is a combination of spreads and commissions, but details are scarce.

Actual costs are higher without more precise information provided. The commission-free account notes a minimum spread of 0. Swap rates on leveraged overnight positions apply, as specified in the Client Agreement, without being mentioned elsewhere. Third-party fees on deposits and withdrawals exist. The referenced Contract Specification page is supposed to feature an asset list but returned no results.

Over currency and commodity pairs were listed, suggesting pure Forex traders will have excellent market coverage. Commodity pairs are limited to gold and silver crosses, while select cryptocurrency pairs are also listed. Five account models are listed, but similarities among them narrow the choice down to two. Nymstar lists three versions of a 0. The primary difference is the minimum spread of 0.

The account classification indicates access to a management team, though it appears that no thought was put into providing a proper structure. The Pro account resembles the best offer. With three 0. The development of custom trading solutions is ongoing, as evident by the massive investment into the required infrastructure. Regrettably, Nymstar merely offers the most basic version of both the MT4 and Mt5 platforms.

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Without the addition of essential third-party plug-ins, either choice presents an inadequate option, as the full potential cannot be unlocked. This Exness subsidiary limits its trading environment to the bare minimum required. Nymstar also offers the failed successor platform, MT5, which lacks backward compatibility. The webtrader offers an alternative platform but likewise lacks essential features without upgrades.

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Nymstar does offer free VPS hosting to support automated trading solutions. This service is maintained in-house, as VPS servers are located in the same data center as Exness servers, per this broker's claim. A combination of in-house analytics and third-party content defines the research department at Nymstar. The former is a refreshing change; each analysis is well presented and consists of written content and supporting charts.

It was a very refreshing and surprising find during our Nymstar review, and it is clearly the most valuable asset Nymstar possesses, distributed under the Exness brand name. Third-party research is available via the Web TV tab, where this broker streams analytics provided by Trading Central. An RSS feed from various sources is provided, but it is poorly designed with unsuitable navigation.

A redesign of this category is urgently required. The in-house research and analytics is the most valuable asset of this broker and the only division suitably executed.

The Exness Academy is where new traders have access to three distinct categories for educational purposes. Each category consists of a vast selection of sub-modules, written content, and videos. It follows the quality of the published research with attention to detail as well as a well-thought-through instructional course.

The quality and presentation are excellent. It is an outstanding source for new traders to build a solid foundation from which to grow. A video library, where basic terms are introduced in five languages, adds additional educational value. Webinars are planned, with one scheduled on risk management at the time of this Nymstar review. Exness Premier, a new service, is advertised without further details provided; interested traders can register for updates. At least here, Nymstar delivers in auxiliary trading services, creating genuine competition for leaders in the brokerage industry.

Clients may also send an e-mail, but the most convenient form of communication is through the live chat feature.