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There is already SuperTrend indicator and thanks to its developer. This script draws supertrend for current and higher time frame, it automatically calculates higher time frame and you don't need to adjust it when you change the period. Because ADX is very sensitive, able to show trend ending without any delay, but not in the middle of it.

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Being able to see such immediate trend change on higher timeframe, is a great indicator of trend direction. Adding just security calls to 'highest', 'lowest' and This script plots a higher timeframe EMA to your chart. You can specify the timeframe and the length of the EMA in the settings.

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Background is colored green or red when both the current timeframe Vstop and higher timeframe Vstop point in same direction. There is a tradeoff with this, Hello Everyone, While using "Security" function for Higher Time Frames htf you must accept "Repainting" issue or better you must use previous day data such "security syminfo. But the problem is as you can see it uses previous day data, and this causes Thanks to Micse in Pinescripters telegram who helped remove a few errors from this.

This draws a label to alert user when a higher timeframe candle closes on a intraday chart. Purpose of it is so that people who mainly use lower timeframe charts do not forget to look at higher timeframe candle closes. TradingView EN. Price has "pulled back" to resistance zone, on opening, it formed a sell signal Bearish Engulfing. In a lower timeframe aka LTF chart, the focus is to follow the higher time frame aka HTF trend direction to capitalize on the trend.

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These are the various options. Which option to pick?

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That depend on how savvy is the trader. Option 1, using Fibonacci and sell on retracement levels. Option 2, using emolines, still sell on retracement levels. Option 3, using PPTA, still sell on retracement levels.

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How a musician started with an instrument? First they learn the basics, and then spend years perfecting their own unique style, eventually, that instrument become and extension of them.


Refining your trading skills require a similar form of commitment and discipline. If you want to win in this "game", you must have a strong interest in every aspect of the game.

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You must be interested in learning and you are learning because you enjoy learning about anything related to trading. Featured Posts.

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